Hello! Let's get acquainted. My name is Vladislav Lesnoy, I am the creator of the MakeBetterMe

I am 27 years old and I live in Dnipro (Ukraine). I work as a programmer and I am very interested in the world of startups and entrepreneurship. At the age of 15, I had my own hosting company, and three years ago I founded a startup BankOfProductivity. This startup does not exist anymore, but its ideas are now in the project #MakeBetterMe. One of the ideas is money reward as an additional motivation.
As you can see, I have a sedentary job. A few years ago, I began to have back and health problems because of this. That is why I actively began to look for a solution to this problem.
Movement became my salvation. And now running has a special place in my heart. I took 7th place in the Dnipro city marathon at a distance of 10 kilometers! I love active sports such as football, wakeboarding and snowboarding. Recently I discovered surfing!
For me, movement is life. After sports, I return to work full of strength, energy and concentration.
That's why #MakeBetterMe the epitome of my values and my way of helping other people get motivated. Today, many people face the problem of a sedentary lifestyle. Well, it's time to solve it!
In the future, I see many activities and challenges in #MakeBetterMe , but let's start with the simplest. Are you ready to walk or run with us?

Our Team


Sofiia Malinina


Sofiia has been working on sports projects for more than four years. She held the position of SMM on previous projects. She is currently working on content creation and project management.


Mary Chashchina

PR, marketing specialist

Maria is a professional copywriter who has been working in the field of marketing for over three years. Her professional areas are sports projects.


Andrii Yaskevych

Software deweloper

Andrii has been studying programming for over four years. Our project was his first serious experience. He carries out his tasks with confidence.