Challenge YOurself
to become better

How it ?

Step 1

Select challenge

Choose one of the listed challenges or create your own!

It's something that can be validated using devices.

Step 2

Set schedule and duration

Make schedule that fits you the best. It can be strict or flexible.
Choose challenge duration.

Step 3

Set up validation type

Every challenge has method to validate your efforts and progress. It can be program installation or connection with your data provider.

Step 4

Make money commitment

Decide what money amount will motivate you to complete the challenge.
Those amount will be frozen on your card till the end of the challenge.

final step

Follow you schedule and do your best to complete the challenge

Complete challenge

Get all your money back.
You can also receive prize - up to 5% of your commitment's amount

Fail the challenge

You receive nothing back.
Is it a great motivation to do your best on the previous step, right? 😉

What matters isn’t what a person has or doesn’t have; it is what he or she is afraid of losing.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life Tweet


Online courses

Engage in online courses regularly! Spend enough time on online courses platform to complete it finally.


There are websites and programs that we can count as productive: code writing, video editing, online courses, text editors, etc. 

Be productive regularly and get your benefits from theory of small steps!


Want to run 10km or marathon? Just create schedule of training and follow them to achieve your goal.

Suggest your own

You can add your custom challenge. Think up your goal and add related applications and websites to challenge

Put Skin in the game

To have "skin in the game" is to have incurred risk by being involved in achieving a goal.

It makes your goal much valuable and increases possibility of achieving it.


It’s up to you. You decide how much to commit and it’s your responsibility to finish the challenge successfully.

The main idea is to give you extra motivation using money commitment. Use it with intelligence.

There is no strict rules.

The main idea is to make money commitment as huge to make you fear of lose them.

It depends of you general money incomes. For example, if you’re student, 10$ can be enough to motivate you. But it’s obviously isn’t enough if you’re average monthly income is about 10 000$.

We recommend you not to use huge amount of money commitment for the first challenge, because you don’t know how the whole system works.

And we also recommend you to increase money commitment amount if you have preciously failed challenges.

Good question. But it isn’t.

Our motivation is to keep the average success rate of all challenges near 80%. In that case, we make some money, but we also ensure that most of our users complete the challenge successfully and it means that MakeBetterMe works.

That’s more important to us – give value to our users and make them be more successful and let them share their feelings about us to the world, to greets new users. It’s much more important for every good business.

Short answer – no, because in the opposite case all the motivation system breaks.

But there are some situations in our life that cannot be predicted. It can be illnesses, breaks of devices, unexpected events in life and so on. You can always reach us and tell your situation. We will figure out how we can help. We do not want to make money from user’s troubles, we want to make our users happier and more successful.

But be ready to give proofs and that technically we can discard your ask to prevent cheats and to keep the whole system works.

It depends on challenge. you can select desired challenge and get info about it, including supporting operation systems.

In general, for now, we support all operation systems except iOS. Sorry iOS users, but it’s because architecture restrictions of platform (read more here). We know how to workaround it and we planned to implement it in near time. Stay connected!

It depends on the challenge and people’s amount and successful in that challenge. Also, it depends on your money commitment because we distribute the prizes proportionally of each money commitment.

It can be up to 5% of your money commitment.

So the much you commit the more you can win. For example, for money commitment of 10$ you can win up to 0.5$. But for money commitment 100$ you can win up to 5$.

But please do not participate in the challenge if you’re only motivation is to win the prize. Because in some situation it can be smaller that you expect.

Consider prize as good possible reward for you success. We do our best to give reward to every successfully completed challenge person. Keep going!

We accept credit/debit card and Google Pay/Apple Pay. We use to accept the payment.

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