Challenge yourself to become better
Want to be better but always have not enough time?
Get extra motivation to challenge yourself and become better.
How it works
Select the challenge
You can participate in various types of challenges. Select the way to improve yourself
Make money commitment
Pay the amout of the challenge as a commitment
Win the challenge
Get your money commitment back. Get chance to win a prize
Fail the challenge
You will get nothing back
Select the challenge that challenge you the best
Run 10kM per week
— Automation track with your favorite fitness app
— Run 10km once or within a few runs
— Take part of running community that growth every week
for 1 week
Run 41.2km per month
— Automatically tracks your progress with your favorite fitness app
— Run in your temp: 41.2km at once or during several runs
— Become a member of running community

for 1 month
Do more that 7k steps per day
— Available for every person
— Do what you always wanted to do
— Become more healthy
— Stay motivated for long period

for month
Watch films on English every week
— Watch any film you want, but in English
— Improve your language skills with fun
— Watch officially through our partner's service
for 1 month
Learn English regularly
— 3 times per week during at least 1 hour
— Learn English in one of our partner's service
— Regularity is a key for a progress
for 3 months
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